About GEM Engineering

Firm's Qualifications and Certifications

Professional Geotechnical Engineer
Licensed in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming

Professional Structural Engineer
Licensed in Utah, Nevada and Arizona

Professional Geologist
Licensed in Utah

ACI Certified
Field I
Lab I

WAQTC Certified
ACI – CFT Concrete Testing
AgTT– Asphalt Testing Technician
AsTT – Asphalt Testing Technician
EbTT/DTT – Embankment Testing Technician
LbTT – Laboratory Testing Technician
STT – Strength Testing Technician (Concrete)

Nuclear Gauge Certification

Special Inspection
ICC –Reinforced Concrete Inspector
ICC – Masonry Special Inspector
ICC – Fire Proofing Inspector
ICC – Structural Steel and Bolting Inspector
AWS – Welding Inspector