Geotechnical Site Investigations - Subsurface investigations, laboratory tests and respective soil calculations to determine soil properties for geotechnical reports.

Distress Investigations - Includes foundation studies and soil failure under existing structures, including recommendations to correct the problems.

Dewatering Systems - French drains, foundation drains, well points, seep spring analysis, seasonal and year-round groundwater analysis.

Retaining Walls - Engineered retain walls including concrete, MSE, boulder faced and block faced, tie-back walls and reinforced slopes.  Walls are designed on soil characteristics and properties.

Pavement Designs - Pavement section design based on soil conditions and designed traffic index to provide a durable, long lasting roadway.

Barrow Source Evaluations Samples obtained from proposed barrow sourced are analyzed in our onsite lab to determine characteristics to meet state and/or local government specified requirements and for use as structural fill.