Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical Site Investigations - Subsurface investigations, laboratory tests and respective soil calculations to determine soil properties for geotechnical reports.

Distress Investigations - Includes foundation studies and soil failure under existing structures, including recommendations to correct the problems.

Dewatering Systems - French drains, foundation drains, well points, seep spring analysis, seasonal and year-round groundwater analysis.

Retaining Walls - Engineered retain walls including concrete, MSE, boulder faced and block faced, tie-back walls and reinforced slopes.  Walls are designed on soil characteristics and properties.

Pavement Designs - Pavement section design based on soil conditions and designed traffic index to provide a durable, long lasting roadway.

Barrow Source Evaluations – Samples obtained from proposed barrow sourced are analyzed in our onsite lab to determine characteristics to meet state and/or local government specified requirements and for use as structural fill.

Environmental Services

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) – ASTM specified Environmental Site Assessments for residential, commercial and industrial real estate transactions.

Monitoring Wells – Establish groundwater conditions for environmental and geotechnical projects.

Well Sampling – Obtain water samples from monitoring wells for chemical analysis.

Regulations Compliance – Reports, observations, inspections to meet local, state and federal mandated requirements for geotechnical and environmental projects.

Ground Water Studies – Analysis of groundwater flow, gradient and quality to assess potential impacts on geotechnical and environmental projects.

Percolation Tests – Analysis of percolation rates in soil for the purpose of designing septic systems and storm water drainage.

Septic Design – Engineered design based on percolation rate for individual residential or commercial waste water treatment systems.

Sewage Lagoons – Analysis and design of large lagoons for commercial, agricultural and industrial waste water treatment systems.

Materials Testing

Concrete – Field and laboratory analysis of freshly mixed concrete to determine slump, air entrainment and compressive strength characteristics in accordance with American Concrete Institute (ACI) specifications.

Soils – Field and laboratory analysis of soils to determine engineering properties for use as structural fill to meet required specifications.

Asphalt – Field and laboratory analysis of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) to determine engineering properties including oil content, gradation of material, lay down temperature and density to meet required specification.

Special Inspection

The International Building Code (IBC) requires special inspection of most commercial buildings especially in high seismic areas. The purpose of special inspection is to verify that the critical structural aspects of the drawings are met and that construction is completed in accordance with the structural mandates prescribed in the building code.

Our Special Inspection division is overseen by Robert Corry, P.E., S.E., as a licensed Structural Engineer and a certified special inspector Robert brings a thorough understanding of structural design and performance to all our special inspection projects. This increase level of expertise is a great asset to our clients and helps to ensure that a quality structure is constructed.

GEM has ICC certified special inspectors in the following areas:
Reinforced Steel     

Structural Engineering

Structural Review – Structural review and design has been required for a long time on all commercial buildings.  However, more and more building departments are requiring an engineering stamp on all house plans as well before issuing a building permit.  GEM Engineering, Inc. has the expertise and experience necessary to take a set of plans, commercial or residential and perform a thorough structural review.

Structural Design – If more than a structural review is needed GEM Engineering, Inc. can provide a structural design which includes the structural calculations and the creation of structural drawings. This can range from a simple foundation design on a small residential to a full structural design and detailing of a large commercial structure.

Structural Evaluation – Whether looking at purchasing a new property or concerned about some visual evidence of damage, GEM Engineering, Inc. can help. We can perform anywhere from a preliminary to an exhaustive structural evaluation of a structure. This evaluation will help identify and quantify existing and potential structural concerns.

Repair/Rehabilitation Design – GEM Engineering, Inc. has the expertise and experience necessary to provide owners and contractors with practical and cost effective solutions to most structural problems and deficiencies.